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Ten English idioms you can learn now!

Idioms are an important (and fun) part of the English language. Essentially, they are part and parcel of the language meaning they are an integral element which would leave a gaping whole if no longer used. This latter fact is highly unlikely to happen given that native English speakers use these idioms everyday in their conversations. Therefore, by learning these ten idioms below you can show off your speaking skills and impress your friends! So, let’s learn some English shall we…

On cloud nine – to be very happy about something that has happened or is going to happen in the future.

Example: “I will be learning English in Malta next year; I am on cloud nine!”

Break the ice – to make a situation or a person/group of persons feel more comfortable.

Example: “I am having fun learning English in Malta. In class, we broke the ice by introducing ourselves and where we come from.”

Hit the nail on the head – to be right about something that has happened.

Example: “Malta really is a beautiful place to learn a language! You hit the nail on the head there!”

Jump on the bandwagon – to do something when everybody else is doing it.

Example: “My friends are having fun learning English in Malta. I think I will jump on the bandwagon next year!”

To see eye to eye – to fully agree and understand someone else.

Example: “My friend and I really like Malta as a destination to learn English. We see eye to eye on this.”

Once in a blue moon – something that happens very rarely.

Example: “Malta has really nice weather. It rains once in a blue moon.”

Through thick and thinsupporting someone under all circumstances, no matter what.

Example: “My friend supports my decision to learn English in Malta. He has supported me through thick and thin.”

It’s a piece of cake – something which is easy to do.

Example: “Writing English is a piece of cake once you know the language”

Come rain or shine – no matter what.

Example: “I am determined to learn English in Malta next year, come rain or shine!”

My head in the clouds – to note concentrate on what you are doing.

Example: “Sorry can you repeat that please? My head was in the clouds.”


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