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10 Free things to do in Valletta

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Valletta was built by the Knights of St. John in 1565 and has grown only more beautiful with age. Whether you’re a student or just visiting, Valletta offers several free things to do in the city.

1. Explore the historic streets of Valletta.

The fascinating streets of Valletta are rich in culture and history, which makes it great to explore on foot. It’s a fantastic place to wander around and get lost. The city boasts no less than 320 monuments, all within walking distance to each other. The picturesque streets are all straight some of them small and narrow, and some wide and long.

2. Enjoy the view from the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

The Upper Barrakka Gardens sit on top of Valletta’s fortifications boasting incredible panoramic views of the Grand harbour. Across the harbour there are the three cities - Birgu (Vittoriosa), Senglea (Isla) and Bormla (Cospicua). Be here before noon to be able to enjoy the Canoon firing of the Saluting battery looking straight down from the Upper Barrakka Garden.

3. The Triton fountain

The Triton fountain – Il Funtana tat – Tritoni was designed and built between 1952 and 1959. It’s a landmark in Malta which is worth visiting and located right in front of the city gate. Don’t leave Malta without having a picture taken alongside this icon.

4. National Library of Malta

Situated in the heart of Valletta, the National library is found in Old Treasury street. It promotes research and makes its large variety of collections available to researchers and visitors alike. These include books, journals, newspapers, as well as audio and visual recordings by Maltese authors. Worth a Free visit!

5. Visit the churches

To appreciate a church’s beauty, one doesn’t need to be religious. Malta’s most famous church is found in Valletta – St. John’s cathedral in St. John’s square. The entrance however does have a small fee of €10 for adults, however Valletta boasts 25 other churches one can visit for free.

6. Is-Suq tal-Belt

Valletta’s newest food hall transformed into a gourmet paradise. The 19th century building which was restored and opened it’s doors by late 2017, is home to vast variety of food vendors.

7. Valletta waterfront

This stunning place is home to Valletta’s cruise port. A short walk away from Valletta’s main centre. This landmark still boasts it’s nineteen historical warehouses which have been converted into restaurants, shops and offices.

8. The Royal Opera House – It- Teatru Rjal

Known as the Royal theatre , this place was an opera house and performing arts venue. It’s an architectural work of art built between 1862 and 1866, found near the new parliament. It reopened as an open- air theatre in 2013 after being hit from a direct bomb during World War II and is once again operating as an opera and arts venue.

9. Siege Bell War Memorial

The Bell weighing nearly ten tons is rung at noon each day. The memorial is dedicated to the souls who died during the second world war. It overlooks the blue waters and cream buildings of the Grand Harbour offering spectacular photo opportunities.

10. Festivals

Malta hosts a variety of free outdoor festivals during the year, from its popular carnival parade in February, which takes over the streets with colourful floats, performers and eye-catching costumes to music festivals, firework festivals and Notte Bianca. These are just a few of the free activities being held all year round in Valletta.

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