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Course Overview


Our internship programme in Malta will provide you with exposure to an English training environment and the opportunity to acquire some business experience to enhance your future career.

Your qualifications will be assessed and matched to a suitable work placement. The work phase is unpaid. However, you will be given a letter of reference from the company and a certificate of language competency from the school at the end of the stay.

Areas of work experience include: Hospitality and Catering, Marketing and Advertising, Retail, Information Technology, Tourism, Office/Business, Import/Export, Legal, Leisure and Sport, Accounting.

Programme Requirements

To take part in the internship programme, you need to:

  • have completed an EasySL course of at least 2 weeks;

  • have an English language level of intermediate or above (B1-C2);

  • have suitable qualifications.


All internships are unpaid.


Course Summary




Minimum age: 18

Minimum level: Intermediate (B1)

Course length: 8 to 12 weeks

Course length: Minimum 1 week

A booking of any English course of minimum 2 weeks is obligatory when booking an internship programme.

​All prices include VAT

Choose the right course for you, view our course price list.

General English

The General English course will boost your confidence to communicate in English effectively, both with native and non-native English speakers...


Intensive English

The Intensive English course includes 10 group conversation lessons as an extension to the 20 lesson General English course.


Combination 25 or Combination 30

These courses consist of 20 General English group lessons and an additional 5 or 10 afternoon one-to-one lessons.


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