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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum age to attend your courses?

​There is a minimum age of 18 years for students participating in adult courses. There is no upper age limit.

2. When are classes held?

Classes are held from Monday to Friday. Courses usually start on Monday, all year round.

3. How long is a lesson?

Lessons are 45 minutes long.

4. Is there a test I can take to find out my level of English?

You will be asked  to do an online placement test 10 days prior to your arrival and have one week to complete it. Your level will be based on the result obtained in this test. You will then be placed in a class with other students of the same level.

Every twelve weeks you will be asked to sit for a diagnostic test to check your progress.

If you wish to check your progress earlier, you can register for a diagnostic test at reception. Diagnostic tests take place every Thursday at 10.30 in the testing room.

5. In case of a public holiday what happens?

When there is a holiday in Malta the school will be closed on that day. Lessons for the rest of that week will be longer to make up for some of the time lost on the holiday.

6. Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. EasySL students are required to attend at least 80% of the scheduled classes and to complete all homework assigned to them. Failure to do so may result in the withholding of your course certificates. If a student repeatedly fails to attend classes without giving 24 hours advance notice, disciplinary action may be taken. In the case of any student requiring a visa to study in Malta failing to attend classes regularly, the appropriate authorities will be immediately informed by EasySL of any such failure.

7. How many students are there in a class?

The maximum number of students is 9 in the adult school and 15 in the junior one.

8. Is there a minimum and maximum length for courses?

The minimum length of stay is one week, while there is no maximum length of stay.

9. Are your teachers natives?

We have both Maltese and foreign ELT qualified teachers. All the teachers have the qualifications required by the Ministry of Education, such as TEFL Cert, ESOL CELTA or DELTA and Trinity Cert. TEFL, as well as other graduate and post-graduate qualifications.

10. There is any other fee apart from the course fee that I need to pay?

A one-time course material fee of Euro 35 is required for all international applicants when submitting an application. This fee covers the use of the coursebook and handouts in the classroom.

11. What does the course fee include?

The course fee includes:

  1. Welcome pack and student card

  2. Placement test

  3. Free use of study and leisure areas

  4. Free WIFI at school

  5. End of course certificate

  6. Free tutorial for bookings of minimum 12 weeks

12. Which are the accepted methods of payments?

EasySL will invoice for tuition, course material fee, accommodation and transfer (if applicable). This invoice must be paid, either by credit card or by bank transfer, 2 weeks prior to the course start date. EasySL reserves the right not to accept a student for tuition should the net balance on course fees or packages not be received at least 2 weeks before the course start date.

13. What I need to do if I require a visa?

In case of students requiring a visa application support to enter Malta, payment of invoice must be made in full prior to the issue of the confirmation letter and letter of invitation. Should the visa not be granted by the competent authorities, all money paid by the student, except for the application fee and visa support fee if applicable, will be refunded in full.

14. Do you have any customer care procedure?

Students are given evaluation forms to fill in at the end of every week. In addition, students who are here for just 1 week are given a mid-week evaluation form. The filled in forms are seen by school staff and any issues addressed accordingly.

15. Do you offer walking distance accommodation?

Yes, we have sharing self-catering apartments, studio apartments and host families in Valletta and Floriana.

​16. Do you have a social programme of activities and excursions?


EasySL offers a wide range of social activities that suit your individual needs. Click here for more information.

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