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Beautiful Destinations: Malta - A Complete Holiday Experience

Ranked by CNN Travel as the third best tourist destination in 2018, this gem of an island offers both a rich cultural experience and the excitement of a vibrant bustling environment. Here are four reasons why Malta is worthy of your travel bucket-list and the perfect location to Study English:


 1   Climate


Malta’s golden summers see average temperatures of 28°C to 34°C throughout the day and 20°C to 24°C at night. Vitamin D intake is guaranteed by the abundance of sunshine, with pretty pink morning hues appearing at around 6:00 and dreamy orange-red sunsets commencing at around 20:30. The summer season gently fades into a refreshing autumn which moves onto a mild winter (typically 12°C to 20°C during the day-time and 6°C to 12°C at night) radiating into a reviving spring.

 2   Sea


Malta offers clear warm water that comes in all shades of beautiful blue. For filter-free postcard-worthy photos, do head to the Blue Lagoon in Comino, the sandy beach of Ghajn Tuffieha in the North and the rocky St. Peter’s Pool in the South. For those adventure-seekers, there are plenty of underwater caves and shipwrecks begging to be explored!


 3   History


Malta is home to some of the oldest temples in the world, namely, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground temple, dating back to 4000 BC and the Megalithic Temples which go back to 3600 BC. The Knights of St. John left behind the majestic city of Valletta (Malta’s capital, a UNESCO World Heritage site) which is a fortified city dating back to the 1500s. Other old impressive fortified cities are Mdina, Birgu Bormla and Isla. The Maltese (Semitic) language originated whilst under Arab rule, but since evolved with an Italian twist. Previous British rule in Malta lead to English becoming an official language of the island.

 4   Food


No vacation in Malta is complete unless you’ve tasted the traditional delicious pastizzi (filo pastry filled with mushy peas or ricotta cheese). Whilst you’re at it, do make sure to sink your teeth into a slice of timpana (a pasta pie with bolognaise sauce wrapped in crumbly pastry). You may wish to wash down these savoury delights with some tangy Kinnie, Malta’s very own fizzy drink!


You can find more information about your stay in Malta in our Student Information Manual.

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