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Eat, sleep and dream English…

Are you looking for faster ways to become fluent in speaking English? We have come up with the best tips and tricks to make learning part of your daily routine. By exposing yourself to more English everyday you will find what tricks work best for you. Everybody is different therefore you should choose the method that feels the most natural and comfortable for you to learn the English Language. Choosing to study English in Malta is a magical way to kick off your journey!

1. Write words down in your Notebook

When you find a new word or phrase that you love, write it down! You can use a notebook or your mobile phone notes page. By doing this you will also practice writing down the words you are hearing and speaking. You will find speaking English will become more enjoyable when you can express yourself with key words and phrases that you understand and love the meaning of. So whilst you are exploring Malta and the Islands of Gozo and Comino you can even write words down you see and learn along the way. You will be surprised at how many interesting words you can learn this way!

2. Listen to Music

Listening and singing along to songs will help you learn the sounds of English and widen your vocabulary. Learn the song and then research what the lyrics mean to discover new words and phrases that you love the sound of. You will also start learning informal expressions and words that are unique to the English Language that can easily be used to express yourself. When we have a favourite song, it always sticks in our mind!

3. Subscribe to Youtube channels and Podcasts

What are your interests and passions? Do you love… Cooking? Fashion? Comedy? Workout Videos? Sustainability? Politics? Find a Youtube Channel or Podcast with topics that you are excited by and watch or listen when you have free time throughout your day. They are a great way to learn new phrases and hear different ways words are used in conversations by native speakers of English. We learn quicker when we really have a passion for something, so find your favourite Youtuber or cooking channel and you will start to remember words and phrases quicker.

4. Ask questions and be curious

When you are learning a new language words and phrases always come up that we don’t understand or may not even translate into our own native language. The best thing to do is simply ask questions and be curious. Make a friend who fluently speaks English and chat to them about what words mean and how they would use them in different ways to express themselves. This is one of the best approaches to really understand how to use phrases in different situations and become confident in doing so.

5. Find what motivates you the most…

If you have in the back of your mind something that motivates you to learn it is likely you will quickly pick up the language and start having fun, meaningful conversations. Do you want to go to University or study abroad? Do have dreams of working in different countries? Maybe you have a partner or friend and you want to be able to communicate in their language to feel closer to them? You may even have a personal goal to challenge yourself! By having small goals when learning a new language it will keep you excited and motivated to keep going.

Just remember, you are unique and your experience of learning the English Language should be too! Follow the path that feels best for you and before you know it you will be speaking and understanding words that you could have never imagined.


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