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Adult Courses

Whether you want to study English for academic or professional reasons, or indeed purely for pleasure, our wide range of courses will help you find the programme that meets your expectations. Here at EasySL in Malta we are totally focused on providing the best English Language tuition that will stimulate, engage and motivate students.

At Easy School of Languages we offer General English classes at every level from beginner A1 to proficient C2. In class we adopt a communicative approach to teaching English and follow the National Geographic Outcomes Course. Outcomes 3rd edition is the most recently published English course book which also offers state of the art online resources through its Spark platform.

This educational program empowers learners to express themselves by developing their ability to have natural conversations in English. Presented through timely and engaging National Geographic content, learners engage in activities informed by the CEFR can-do statements that prepare them for real world interactions and develop the skills required for life and work. On the general English course learners spend 3 hours a day in the classroom and an additional one hour a day of supervised self-study on the online platform.

In addition, we offer 90 minutes a day intensive English skills classes. These classes aim to enhance language proficiency whilst exploring cultural and political issues. Learners will develop their four essential skills through engaging discussions, debate, and presentations. Cultural understanding will be promoted by analysing various political systems, global issues and international relations whilst also giving learners the life skills that they need for everyday situations and enabling them to communicate effectively.

Adult English Course Valletta
General English

The General English course will boost your confidence to communicate in English effectively, both with native and non-native English speakers...


Adult English Course Valletta
Intensive English

The Intensive English course includes 10 group conversation lessons as an extension to the 20 lesson General English course.


Adult English Course Valletta
Combination 25 or Combination 30

These courses consist of 20 General English group lessons and an additional 5 or 10 afternoon one-to-one lessons.


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