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How reading poetry can help you learn English!

Over the Christmas holidays we always have some extra time to spend and explore something new. You can use those lazy days to improve your English and discover amazing poetry that can really help you on your language journey!

Maybe your thinking why poetry? It’s just like listening to music really, poetry has amazing rhythm! So not only will you encounter new words it will also help you remember them at the same time. Poetry readers improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in so many ways...

1. The art of word choice

Poetry will help teach you the art of word choice as poems convey powerful messages in a few words, so you can learn shorter phrases and sentences to help you speak English more effectively. Poetry, like music conveys a lot of feelings and emotions; therefore reading poems will help you learn how to choose the best English words to convey your own thoughts!

2. Improve your speech

When writing poems, poets pay very good attention to the stress and intonation of words and sentences they use. If you want to improve these areas of your English speech this is an amazing way to learn.

3. Using punctuation correctly

Punctuation is an important part of poetry and the way we write and speak. Practice reading a poem out loud, you will soon see the different ways of using punctuation! You will discover that it can change the way the poem sounds and even alter the meaning of the poem. Reading poetry will help you learn how to use punctuation correctly to convey what you are feeling.

4. Improve your reading skills!

Poems are a great way to teach you creative writing techniques in English. Poets use literary devices such as metaphors, allegories, and symbolism to discuss topics and express themselves. Try and identify examples of these devices and once you can grasp this you will have a much better understanding of text you read in English. Just remember don’t always interpret the English language too literally as some things can be used for humour or sarcasm.

5. Insight into cultures

Reading poetry should be relaxing and fun! Its an amazing to learn about history, cultures and explore your feelings and thoughts in English!

Discover some of the Poetry below…

Book: The World’s Wife by Carol Ann Duffy

Book: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Instagram Poetry: @rupikaur

Instagram Poetry: @cleowade


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