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The Golden Age Programme is back!

Our first post Covid-19 Golden Age programme successfully finished last week. The programme is designed for mature students and compliments tuition with everyday afternoon activities in an authentic and relaxed atmosphere.

This year we had students from Switzerland, Spain, and Iceland. The students started the programme with a Valletta city tour. The capital city is always the first impression when visiting a new country. Moreover, Valletta is the hometown of our school. During the following days, the students went on a Harbour cruise and got an opportunity to see the Valletta peninsula from both harbours. The tour to the Three cities boosted the experience since one of the cities, Birgu, was the place where the Knights of St John arrived first before building Valletta.

The Mdina tour deserves special attention. The “silent city”, “city of nobility”, “ancient capital” is what Mdina is all about. The gorgeous architecture, old narrow streets, cathedrals, and a picturesque view from the medieval walls had a great effect. Students loved walking in Mdina.

Students visited one of the well-known natural gems in Malta – The Blue Grotto. The boat took them to see the caves and gaze at the sun's reflection on azure and cobalt-coloured waters. Students had a drink in one of the cafes by the sea and enjoyed the breeze.

Of course, travelling to Malta can’t be completed without a tour to the sister island of Gozo. The authentic countryside, relaxed rhythm of life, the beautiful capital Victoria, all captured by photos of our students as one of the tours to remember.

The cultural programme is designed in a way to deliver a truly memorable experience. The students got to know a lot of interesting facts about Malta and discussed their impressions about the local lifestyle. It was always lively conversation. Our guides presented the information in an easy-to-understand manner. The students learnt how to ask questions about different subjects. A memorable experience is always a great chance to practice a new language.


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