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How Learning English Can Boost Your Career

As one of the most spoken languages in the world, especially in business, the benefits of learning English are clear. At Easy School of Languages, one of Malta’s leading English language schools, we help people to develop their English reading, writing and conversation skills.

Below, we have named the top three reasons as to why you should learn English with Easy School of Languages, and how it will help your career.

1. More opportunities

If you are limited to speaking just your native language, you may be limiting the opportunity for you to progress in your career. Why? As more and more companies look abroad for increased opportunities for themselves, you will become a more attractive hire should you have a strong command of the English language at your disposal. Moreover, should you wish to live in another country, English has become the go to language for people of all nationalities to successfully communicate.

2. Communicate with your colleagues

As mentioned in point one, the world has become increasingly globalised, meaning that more and more people from different backgrounds and nationalities are interacting with each other. You may be able to think of a colleague or two who already works with you who came from another country. Learning English in Malta will help you to acquire the skills to communicate at a high level with people from all around the world, making your life and their life easier.

3. Increase your brainpower

According to numerous studies, learning a new language helps to rewire your brain. The Atlantic published an interesting article that explains how multi-linguals differ from individuals who speak only one language. The article says that those who speak more than one language are better at remembering lists and sequences, are more aware of their surrounding and have a greater ability to focus on important information. All these traits can benefit you in the long run, in addition to making you a more valuable employee.

Find out more about our English courses in Malta, we would be happy to help answer any questions you may have.


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