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English as A Global Language

The English language is one of the most important, if not THE most important language in the world as the below statistics will demonstrate. It is a language that is almost universally spoken and so it is no surprise that efforts are made by people like yourself to learn it! So, kudos to you for choosing to invest in yourself and your career by learning an appreciated and useful language! So let's take a look at some numbers shall we?

English-speaking countries

As of 2019, there were 82 states in which English is recognised as an official language. This does not mean however, that English is the most commonly used tongue in the country. It rather means that the country recognises the language and that its use in writing or speaking is accepted. Malta is such a country. The English language is recognised as an official language and therefore it is accepted as a way to communicate, both in written and spoken communication. Furthermore, English is usually the go to language in Malta for official business and also in education.

An interesting thing to mention is that native speaking countries do not have English as their official language but it is the most commonly used tongue. Countries mentioned here are the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. English is not legally recognised as the official language but it is considered as such given that the majority of people speak it as their primary/mother tongue.

English speakers in numbers

In a European Union study in 2012, it was revealed that English is the most valuable language according to most Europeans. The majority of respondents surveyed believed that the language is the language to-know for self-development purposes.

There are currently over 740 million non-native users of the English language, compared to the almost 380 million native speakers. These figures show that there almost double the people who speak English as their non-native language. This fact demonstrates the strength and reach that the English language has all over the world. Probably, this worldwide reach is due to the history of the British empire, which held colonies in Africa, Canada, Middle East, Australia and others.

Get in contact

As we have seen above, English has, is and will still be the most frequently used language in the world. It is recognised as the language of business and education and is without a doubt the dominant language on the internet as well. So get in touch today and start the journey to learning the beautiful and essential language that is English with us here in Malta!


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