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Wish to learn a new language? Speak it!

Practice makes perfect. This expression is especially true and useful for learning a new language. A language is not a math problem, a poem to memorize or a quiz you can study blindly. All these academic subjects can be studied one day so that they can be replicated on an exam paper some time later.

Its possible to read and write in a new language but in order to truly learn it, you will need to practice and start speaking the words you have grown accustomed to reading and writing. Only by practicing and engaging in conversation with others will you be able to start forming complete sentences and develop your diction, pronunciation and vocabulary skills.

So what are the advantages of practicing a new language?

Understanding better

This factor also applies when studying other subjects apart from languages. When you speak out loud you would be hearing yourself pronounce the words and actually putting into practice what you had learned earlier. In turn, this exercise allows you to understand the meaning of the words you are speaking as now you would be hearing them in practice rather than writing them down on a piece of paper.

Building/enhancing relationships

Being able to speak a new language (especially a universally accepted language such as English) puts you in a unique position to communicate with people and build new and lasting relationships. People who are studying the same language as yourself would maybe even appreciate you speaking to them in the chosen language as it acts as practice for the whole group rather than just yourself.

Learning new words from others

By engaging in conversations with people who are accustomed to speaking the language you are seeking to learn, you can absorb a lot of knowledge. Next time you are speaking to your teacher, an older sibling, or a friend who has strong speaking skills, do notice the words and sentence structure they are using. You can pick up a lot of information just by listening to others speaking! Don't be afraid to engage with them as well and remember by instinct they will automatically correct you, thus enabling your learning.


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