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4 Tips for speaking English

When learning English one of the questions we ask the most is how can we improve the way we speak?One of the main reasons people come to the Easy School of Languages rather than studying at home is because its a golden opportunity to communicate in English everyday and immerse yourself in the language when exploring Malta!

1. The secret is Practice...

Practice speaking English as much as you can outside of class, at the Easy School of Languages we have exciting social activities that will take you on a journey around the whole island. It's the perfect time for you to experience the culture of Malta, our delicious foods, beaches and people. When your out and about chat to as many people as you can in English, for example when you are in a restaurant ask the waiter what the best local foods are to try! This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the language as Malta is a native-English speaking country.

2. Confidence is key!

When your in the classroom or out with your new friends that you have met in Malta, build your confidence speaking in English by chatting about things that you are are passionate about! The topics we love and enjoy the most are always the easiest to communicate and are the most comfortable for us to talk about. But we learn the most when we push ourselves, so make friends with people from all around the world and tell them about the country you have come from and about your culture! You will find this is an amazing way to get comfortable speaking English!

3. Learn your favourite phrases

It's a helpful idea to learn some of your favourite phrases that you enjoy speaking so you feel confident using them in particular situations. You will find that when you start doing this you will build your fluency and improve your pronunciation.

4. Find your rhythm

In every language there are words and sounds that are challenging to pronounce and we can find ourselves getting frustrated by this; but trust us this happens a lot! If you find you are struggling with a word, ask your teacher to help you focus on the sound and rhythm you need to use when pronouncing the word. All you need to do now is practice...a lot!


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